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Chapter 10: Something to Be Remembered

The first question.

The masses were against Jesus, they were against Buddha, they are against you. Why?

The masses live in a kind of non-individual existence. They live like sheep. So whenever a man like Jesus or Buddha is there, asserting his individuality, his rebellion, his freedom, he is naturally disliked. The masses become afraid. Their foundations are shaken. If Jesus is right, then the whole life pattern of the masses will have to be changed. It is too much work, and people have invested too much in their slavery.

The presence of Jesus makes people feel bankrupt. The moment you come across a Buddha, you are reduced to a very ugly kind of inhuman being. You lose all dignity, you feel humiliated. If you are intelligent you will rise to the occasion. You will see the point that up to now you have lived in ignorance, in sleep, and you will feel grateful to the Buddha that his presence has become a ray of light into your dark night of the soul. But that much intelligence is very rare.

People are stupid, stubborn; they immediately react. Rather than rising higher, taking the challenge of the peak the Buddha is, they destroy Buddha, they destroy Jesus, so that they can again fall asleep and dream their so-called sweet dreams.

That’s why they are against me. I am a kind of disturbance. My presence cannot be ignored. Either you have to be with me or you have to be against me. Whenever you cannot ignore the presence of a certain person and you have to choose, great turmoil arises in your being - because no choice is easy. Choice means change.

You have lived for fifty years in a certain way. Those habits have become settled. Now, suddenly I am here calling you forth out of your grave that you have believed was real life. I am here condemning all that you have lived for - all your values, all your so-called morality, all your knowledge, all your religion. Only very courageous people, very few chosen ones, will be able to rise to the occasion and will risk all that they have for something which is not visible, for something which you can only trust.

Now this is difficult for the ordinary masses; they decide for the known. Jesus is something of the unknown, Buddha is something from the beyond. Now the question is: to choose the known, the familiar, the safe, the comfortable, the convenient, or to choose this adventure and to go with Buddha into something uncharted, unmapped, into something one can never be certain whether it is or it is not.

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