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Chapter 6: The Intelligent Way

And sometimes the situation becomes so ridiculous, unbelievable. In the Second World War the German Christian archbishop was blessing Adolf Hitler, and praying to God that Germany win. And the same religion in England and the same kind of archbishop was praying for England, wanting victory for England and defeat for Germany. Their God is one, their religion is one, but the problem is that the German priest has a contract with the German politician, and the English priest has a contract with the English politicians. Who bothers about God?

In fact, the priests are the most atheistic people in the world. They know perfectly well that there is no God. They know better than anybody, because that is their business. But they have to pretend that there is a God. Without God they lose authority. It is in the name of God that they are archbishops, popes and shankaracharyas. If there is no God, then who are they? - just ordinary people, suddenly reduced to nothing. So the lie has to be kept alive.

You can see that in such situations both archbishops knew perfectly well that God was not the question. And nobody was bothered about God; the question was politics. Otherwise, they should have refused. Both should have asked, “How can we ask for the victory of Germany or England? Our God is one. How can our prayers be so contradictory? Our religion is one, our foundation is one, our churches are one, our master Jesus Christ is one. How can we do what you are asking us?”

But nobody raised the question. They did it because neither God nor Jesus Christ means anything. What means something is your vested interest. The German archbishop has his vested interest in Germany, not in England. He has to support Adolf Hitler. The English archbishop has to support England and its politicians. And these people go on paying their tributes in return.

The archbishop of England will crown the king; just a formality, but at least in the eyes of the mediocre crowds he is more powerful because he crowns the king - he is a kingmaker. He knows perfectly well that the king can throw him out any moment; he needs the king’s support. And the support is given, because the king needs the support of the priest. The masses believe in God, the masses believe in the bishop, the masses go to church. If the king wants to remain a king, then there has to be a mutual contract between the priest and the king.

And this has been the same all along. Political ideologies have changed - kings and queens have disappeared, presidents, prime ministers have appeared - but the basic contract is still carried. The American president before taking the oath of the president, goes to the chief priest to be blessed. After his blessing he will take an oath in the name of God and become the president of the country. In this way he is politically powerful, and he has the support of the religious masses.

The poor people don’t have any idea what kind of contract has been going on down the ages. And the contract was possible because both priest and politician are desirous of power. Lust for power is their common ground. It is easier to divide with a line so that they don’t conflict, since that conflict may destroy the possibility of being in power for both.

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