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Chapter 8: Knowing Nothing about Everything

When the women became very insistent, and particularly when his own stepmother asked to be initiated, he could not refuse. He owed much to this woman, because his own mother died the very day he was born. He was brought up by this stepmother with such care, with so much love. He had never felt that she is a stepmother; he had never missed his mother. And when this stepmother asked to be initiated - and she was getting very old, and death was coming close - he could not say no. Very unwillingly he said yes.

But when he said yes to his own mother, then other women also said, “Now you have accepted one woman as a sannyasin, then why debar us?” And it was logical. The door opened.

And Buddha said very sadly that, “My religion would have lived at least for five thousand years and helped thousands of people to become enlightened, but now it will exist only for five hundred years.”

And that’s how it happened, because once the women came in, the repressed male sannyasins started getting infatuated. They had lived in compartments and suddenly they were free - suddenly the women were there, and beautiful women. Almost from all royal families the first sannyasins had come. It almost always happens: when a man like Buddha arrives on the earth it is the most intelligent ones who come first to him. It is natural, because only they can understand.

You can see it here happening: the most intelligent people of the world from every nook and comer of the world, have arrived here. But the Indian masses go on ignoring as if it has nothing to do with them. They are not yet at the level of that intelligence where they can understand what is happening here. What to say about ordinary masses.

Just the other day the Pune magistrate has given his judgment concerning the case of one madman who had thrown a dagger at me, obviously intentionally to kill me. He has freed him, and the reason that he has freed him, the most basic reason that he has given, is really worth consideration. I laughed at it, I enjoyed it!

The reason that he has freed him is that if it was an attempt to murder me, then I would not have continued my discourse! Who can continue talking when somebody is trying to murder you? But he does not know me. I would have continued even if I had died - I would not have finished before ten!

But he cannot understand, and I can understand him - he cannot understand. When somebody is trying to kill you, can you go on speaking the same way? His argument seems to be very valid. So what to say about the ordinary masses? - even an educated magistrate thinks in the same way.

Once Buddha allowed women to enter in his commune, the repressed male sannyasins started losing their grip on their own consciousness. It happened because of repression. That’s why Jesus and Mahavira were also of the same opinion.

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