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Chapter 9: He Died Enlightened

I call this game the “MAD” game! By “mad” I mean: M represents master and D represents disciple - “Master-and-Disciple game” - it is a mad game! Unless you also become mad you will not understand it.

And I am happy to see that some madness is entering into you. You are on the way. You will not be out of this buddhafield for long. I can see you approaching closer and closer. Sooner or later the color orange is going to be your color too - and I hope that before you leave the body this happens.

Become Rajjab, become Sundero! Don’t think about them - these people are not to be contemplated upon. These people are to be lived. It is only by living that one can understand such tremendous phenomena.

The third question:

If you were in a desert instead of being here, would you feel the same?

I am in the desert. Where do you think I am?

This is the desert. To live with unconscious people is to live in a desert. To live with people who are not blooming, flowering, is to live in a desert. It is a human desert - far more empty than any desert can ever be.

To become enlightened amongst unconscious people is to live in a desert. That is the fate of all the buddhas. I say one thing, you understand something; else. Constant misinterpretation is bound to happen, because I talk from a totally different plane. I talk out of a fullness and you receive only through the mind. You receive only the words - and words cannot convey my message.

My message can be conveyed to you only if you really become committed, involved in the energy field that I am creating, if you really become a plant in my garden, if you allow me to destroy your ego - because that is how growth begins. The death of the ego is the beginning of growth. Just as the seed has to die in the soil, the ego has to die in the master. Once your ego is completely gone you are a beautiful tree, with much foliage, greenery, flowers, fragrance.

My effort is to make this desert a garden. And there is every possibility of succeeding, because people are getting ready. Hesitating, which is natural; waiting, thinking, which is natural. But you cannot be here long thinking and waiting; sooner or later the quantum leap.. You cannot go on misunderstanding me for long.

If you just remain here, even if you misunderstand my words, I am working on you - not through the mind; I am playing on the instrument of your heart. Words are just to keep you engaged so that I can enter into your heart.

Yes, the work of a master is like a thief.

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