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Chapter 7: Politics Brings Out the Beast in You

The man has done nothing; for millions of years he has been uncreative in those tribes. He has just lived the life of a drunkard, and because he is so often drunk he cannot even take care of the children or prepare food. So when the wives return they have to prepare the food too and take care of the children, collect them from wherever they are - because the husband is flat on the ground. And he can afford to be flat on the ground because he has married.the only great thing he has done - he has married six or seven wives. Now, what more do you expect of him? He has done his job.

The society of these aboriginal tribes is matriarchal because the chiefs of the society are women. They have a committee to decide about problems concerning their lives. It is not the men who have the decisive power.

You have to think from other angles too. The woman has more resistance - power than man. Now that is a medically - established fact. Women fall sick less than men; they live longer than men, five years longer. It is a very stupid society where we have decided that the husband should be four or five years older than the wife - just to prove that the husband is more experienced, elderly, to keep his superiority intact. But it is not medically right because the woman is going to live five years longer. If you think medically, then the husband should be five years younger than the wife so that they can die at the same time, almost at the same time.

On the one hand the husband has to be four or five years older, and on the other hand the woman is not allowed to marry again, in almost all cultures and societies. It is a new development that she is being allowed; and that too only in very developed countries. You don’t allow her to marry so she is going to live at least ten years of widowhood. This is medically unsound - just the arithmetic is not right. Why enforce ten years of widowhood on a poor woman?

The best way would have been that the wife should be five years older and the man should be five years younger. That would have settled the whole matter. They would be dying almost simultaneously, at the same time. There would be no need for widowers and widows, and the problems that arise out of that.

Now if you think that a woman lives five years longer than a man, then who is superior? If she falls sick less, has more resistance, then who is superior? Women commit suicide fifty percent less than man. The same ratio is true of madness: fifty percent less women become mad than men. Now, these facts have never been considered. Why?

Why does man have to commit suicide at double the rate of women? It seems to be that he has no patience with life. He is too impatient and is too desirous, expectant; and when things don’t go his way then he wants to finish himself. He gets frustrated very soon. That shows a weakness: he hasn’t the courage to face the problems of life. Suicide is a cowardly step. It is escaping from problems, it is not solving them.

The woman has more problems - her problems and the problems that her man creates for her. She has double the problems, and still she manages to face them courageously. And you go on saying that she is weaker. Why do twice as many men as women go mad? That simply shows that his intellect is not made of strong materials - he pops off anytime.

But why has it been insisted continually that the woman is inferior?

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