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Chapter 2: The Meaning of Maturity

If you prepare, this is going to be so. Remain conscious, alert, aware, and act out of your spontaneity. And not only will others see the alive response of it, you also will be thrilled by your own response. Not only will others be surprised, you will also be surprised yourself.

I call a mind mature which retains the capacity to be surprised. A mind is mature if it goes on continuously being surprised by others, by himself, by everything. Life is a constant wonder: he has no readymade plans for it, no readymade responses for it. He never knows what is going to happen, he moves into the unknown each moment. He never jumps ahead of himself, he never lags behind himself. He remains simply himself, wherever he is.

And, the last and most basic thing: when I say that you have an immature mind, basically I mean that you have a mind. Mind as such is immature. Only no-mind is mature.

Maturity has nothing to do with mind because mind means all that you know. Mind means your experiences, mind means your past, your rehearsals, your preparations. All these things are implied in the word mind. Mind is not something in particular, it is the whole accumulation, all the junk, the whole heap of your dead past.

When I say, “Be mature,” I mean become a no-mind. If you act spontaneously you will act out of no-mind. If you remain capable of learning you will remain capable of being a no-mind again and again and again; the mind will never be accumulated. If you are capable of remaining alert and spontaneous, able to be surprised by life and by yourself, by and by you will become more and more interested in the interiormost life, in the very core of life. When you see a person you will not see just the body; your gaze will become penetrating, your gaze will become like an X-ray. It will catch hold of the person, of the consciousness there, of the inner light there in the other person. The body is just an abode: you will meet the person, you will shake hands, but not only hands - you will shake the person, you will meet the person.

And in your own life, by and by, you will become aware that the body is just the outermost garment: you have to take care of it, it is not to be neglected, it is valuable, but it is not the end. And you are the master, not the servant. By and by, the more you penetrate withinwards, you will see the mind also is an innermost garment, more valuable than the body but not more valuable than you. You remain the supreme value.

And once you know your supreme value, you have become mature. And once you know your supreme value, you know the supreme value of all. All beings are buddhas. Nobody is less than that; and the whole of life is divine. You are always walking on holy ground.

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