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Chapter 8: The Synthesis of Love and Meditation

Life is one. God is another name for this oneness, interdependence. Love is still another name, and even better than God, because God has been destroyed by the theologians. Love is still pure and virgin.

So the first thing to be understood: I don’t teach isolation, because I don’t teach the ego. Your so-called yoga masters are all more or less egoists.

Once a man came to me, and he thought he was a great seeker. The ego finds new ways to be fulfilled. He was a great seeker, and he was very old. He told me that throughout his whole life he had been seeking a perfect master, the greatest in the world, because he could not be satisfied with anything less than that.

I asked him, “Could you find him?”

He said, “Yes, I met many, but I had to leave them. A few were self-deceived; a few were deceiving others; a few were mad; a few were simply idiots; a few were greedy, exploiters; a few were just parrots, repeating the Vedas and the Upanishads. And many other wrong sorts of guides I met. But then,” his eyes sparkled, and he said, “I came across a man who was a perfect master, and I immediately spoke up and told him, ‘You are the greatest master in the world.’”

I asked this seeker, “When did you say this to him?”

He said, “When he told me that I was the most perfect disciple in the world - immediately.”

The ego goes on seeking different ways to be enhanced. In the name of yoga many ego-trips goes on. Don’t become a part of it. I don’t teach isolation, because I want you to leave the ego, and not the world. The world is not the problem. The world is tremendously beautiful; it is pure joy; nothing is wrong in it. Something is wrong in you, not in the world. Drop the wrongness in you; don’t renounce the world. I teach you to celebrate the world, not to renounce it. I affirm life, and affirm it unconditionally; and I say to you that those who tell you to renounce it are the poisoners, and that from the very beginning they are teaching you something absolutely wrong. They are saying something is wrong in the world: they call it maya. I call you maya - not the world. The ego is the only maya, the only illusion - not these trees, they are simply beautiful; not these flowers, not these birds, not this sky, not this sun, these stars - no, they are simply beautiful; they are divine and holy.

You are the maya. So, if you want to leave anything, leave yourself. If you want to renounce anything, renounce yourself. And the only way, the only way to renounce oneself is to celebrate. Because whenever you are happy, you are not; whenever you are sad, you are; whenever you are depressed, you are; whenever you are delighting, you are not. In bliss, in ecstasy, you disappear. In sadness and sorrow, you again appear. Watch. When you laugh, you are not. In real laughter, you simply are not. It comes out from somewhere you know not of. It comes from beyond you. You don’t laugh: when laughter is there, you are not.

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