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Chapter 10: The Right Side Up

Your head is your madness. If you can conceive of yourself without the head, all madness will disappear. Just try it. Give it a try. It is one of the most potential methods.

The eighth question:

Is it possible to become enlightened in a dream?

Not only possible.. Whenever it happens, it always happens in a dream - because whatsoever you think is your waking consciousness, that too is not waking, that too is dreaming. While sitting here in front of me, do you think you are awake? I don’t see that. I can hear your snore! And if you listen minutely, you will be able to hear it yourself: a deep snoring inside, a deep sleep.and dreams and dreams.

In sleep, only dreams can happen. That’s what we have been continuously insisting in this country: that your world is illusory, it is maya. When Shankara says the world is maya, he’s not talking about his world. He’s talking about your world - because in sleep, how can you know that which is real? Sleep distorts, and a totally different world is created by sleep which is a world of dream. Whatsoever you call your life is made of the same stuff as dreams. It is dream-stuff.

So whenever you become awakened and enlightened, it will always be in a dream. Buddha became enlightened - or Jesus, or Zarathustra, or Lao Tzu - they all became enlightened in a dream. The dream was shattered; they awoke out of a sleep. They looked around: the dream was never found anywhere.

It was a totally different thing. That’s what they call God, nirvana, truth, brahman, the kingdom of God. That’s what they call it. It is not your world; it is a waking. Enlightenment is just an awakening out of sleep. It is to become aware.

You are lost in your dreams. Your subjectivity is completely engulfed by dreams. It is just like when you go to see a movie. You know well that there is nothing on the screen: still, you get deceived. And when the movie starts, the screen is full of pictures - just a play of light and darkness, just very subtle dream-stuff - and you are lost. You forget yourself. You forget the spectator; you become part of it. Sometimes you cry and weep when some tragedy happens on the screen, sometimes you laugh; sometimes you become very tense. You follow all that is happening on the screen - and there is nothing happening - but for two, three hours, you are completely lost.