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Chapter 10: You Are Blessed

The first question:

Do you have favorites? Am I one of them?

I am reminded of an Arabian proverb.

It is said that whenever God creates a person he whispers into his ear “You are my favorite. I have never made such a beautiful person before, and I am not going to make such a beautiful person again. You are simply unique.” But this he has been doing to everybody and everybody deep down in his heart thinks “Whatsoever God has said, one believes.”

You are my favorite. And this is not addressed to anybody in particular, but to everybody. In fact, to choose as favorite or not is not possible for me. It depends on you, you can become my favorite, you may not become; it is a one-way traffic. If you allow, you will become; if you don’t allow, you will not become. As far as I am concerned I am not.

The second question:

Please explain the difference between rationalization and “bullshit”.

“Bullshit” is a far better word than “rationalization” but they mean the same. Rationalization is a clinical word - a word to be used by the professor, bullshit is more alive. “Rationalization” is bloodless, “bullshit” is very young, alive and kicking. But the meaning is the same, they are not different things.

The henpecked husband and his wordy wife were walking down the country road having one of their arguments in the usual way. She was winning. Suddenly she turned and saw a bull charging down the road. There was no time to warn her husband so she jumped into a hedge. The bull caught the man on its horns and sent him spinning fifty feet into the air. He came down in a ditch. When he finally managed to crawl out, he saw his wife standing on the road.

“Maria” he said “if you hit me like that again you’ll really make me lose my temper.”

Now this is bullshit. If you ask a psychoanalyst, he will call it a rationalization.

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