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Chapter 2: A Thousand Pound Sledge Hammer

The business executive was told by his doctor that he had a heart condition. On the same day he was advised by mail that if he didn’t meet a heavy mortgage payment, his home would be seized. Driving nervously down the highway in a new car on which five payments were due, he rammed into the compact car of one of his best customers and made a sardine can out of it. Continuing to his office, he arrived at the factory just as the firemen were watering down the hot embers. There his book-keeper handed him a note informing him that all his insurance policies had lapsed.

Disgusted, he took a cab home, walked slowly into the living room and was greeted cheerfully by his wife. “Darling,” she said enthusiastically, “I hope you’ll forgive me but I must run; tonight is my bridge night.”

“Just give me a chance to change my shirt,” answered the husband, “and I’ll jump with you!”

Her bridge night. But how can it mean the same thing to the husband? In that state it cannot mean the same. You speak the same words but still you convey different meanings. The meaning is given by the mind. The word is an outside thing, the meaning is an inside thing.

Because of the fog, the plane was in serious trouble. All the passengers were numb with fear, except the minister aboard. He took complete control of the situation.

“Let us kneel and pray,” he suggested to the passengers, and everyone kneeled except a small-time bookie.

“Why aren’t you praying with us?” asked the minister.

“Because,” confessed the bookie, “I don’t know how.”

“In that case,” the minister advised, “just behave as though you were in a church.”

So the bookie went down the aisle and took up a collection.

That is the only thing the bookie can understand, that is the only thing he would become interested in in a church.

Remember always that it is you who comes through loud and clear in your questions. I am not much interested in how they are worded, in how they are formulated. I seek for you, I grope for you in your question and unless I have got hold of you I don’t answer because then it is meaningless.

Don’t feel jealous of Gramya. It seems that Ananda Prem has become jealous of Gramya. That again shows her mind. Rather than understanding what I have said to her she is more worried about why I have answered Gramya so lovingly and her not so lovingly. She was not so interested in the answer, she was more interested in love being shown to her. That again shows her mind.

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