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Chapter 37: Each Moment Is Insecure

Hearing is simple, everybody who has ears can hear, but listening is something more than hearing. Listening means hearing without your mind coming in between, interpreting, meddling, giving colors of its own to what you have listened to, bringing connotations, associations from your past - that is, from your unconscious.

When I say, “Wake up!” I have one meaning. When you hear it you may have a different meaning, but if you listen to it then you will have the same meaning as I have. Listening means putting the mind aside, so what is being transferred to you goes directly to your very heart, to your very being.

Then perhaps you can wake up any moment. Any small thing may trigger it. It is unpredictable; one cannot say when, one cannot say what will help. I can only go on explaining in different ways so the meaning of waking gathers around you. Then anything..

People have become enlightened, awakened, in strange situations - there is no causal relationship. Lao Tzu became enlightened when he was sitting under a tree and a dry leaf started falling from the tree. There was no strong wind so the leaf was falling very slowly, like a feather, and he simply watched it falling. And as it rested on the ground, something happened in him which had nothing to do with the leaf.

He simply saw the way of the leaf, its let-go - no effort to cling a little longer with the tree. It had been with the tree its whole life, but not even a look back, no hurry to reach anywhere, just a tremendous let-go, that wherever the wind takes it.a great trust. All these things, with the dropping of the dry leaf, happened in Lao Tzu. From that day he was a different man.

The master can only do one thing: he can go on spinning around you meanings of a thousand kinds. Perhaps one of them may trigger the process, but nothing can be said about what was the trigger; it depends on so many things that it is unpredictable.

But howsoever big the unconscious may be, its value is nothing. Waking up, even for a single moment, has tremendous value, and remaining awakened, you have become an emperor in existence. To live unconsciously is to be just a beggar.

There is an old saying that, “You are what you eat.” But in California it’s, “You are what you drive,” in Italy it’s, “You are what you wear,” and in France, “You are what you drink.”

The other day someone said, “You are what you are,” and then I thought, “You aren’t who you think you are.” Osho, I’m getting confused - who are I?

You simply are not!

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