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Chapter 7: A Diamond Hidden in an Onion

“That’s why I have to talk in parables to them.” They can only understand parables; only through parables will a possibility linger around them. They will remember the parable and in some moment of tranquility, calmness, collectedness, the parable may start functioning. The seed will remain with them and when the rains come, maybe it will sprout. It will wait for the right moment.and someday the right moment will be there.

They may be feeling happy, or they may be feeling very calm and quiet, or they may be feeling relaxed, and suddenly they remember the parable and some new meaning arises. It was not there when they heard it because a meaning depends on your being; it depends on you what meaning you give to a certain thing.

I was reading a story:

Two psychiatrists lived in the same building. Every evening they would come back from their offices and they often rode on the same elevator together.

The elevator man was very much intrigued by one thing that happened again and again. As he got out of the elevator, the first psychiatrist would invariably turn back and spit on the other psychiatrist. The other would smile, calmly take his handkerchief out of his pocket and wipe his face or tie or coat. Sometimes the elevator man even heard him chuckle to himself.

He got more and more curious. One day he could not contain himself. As he was closing the door on the first psychiatrist he asked, “For heaven’s sake, doctor, tell me why your colleague goes on doing this to you.”

The other psychiatrist laughed and said, “Oh, I don’t know. This is his problem. And how can I know? But why should I be bothered? Poor man, that is his problem.”

Somebody spitting on your face.. Really, it is his problem. It has nothing to do with you. But you make it your problem. Then you are disturbed, then you are worried, then you start thinking of how to take revenge.

Can you see the point of the story? The meaning depends on you; the interpretation is yours. Even when somebody is spitting in your face you can laugh, you can smile, you can even feel compassion for the poor man. He must be having a great problem, otherwise why?

A parable is just a seed that is given to you. How to uncover it, when to uncover it will depend on you and your moods Sometimes it happens that you may hear something today and you may not understand it, and years will pass and then suddenly, one day, you have understood it.

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