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Chapter 4: Unless You Create Your Face

The first question:

Life seems to be meaningless. Why?

Life is.unless you give meaning to it. There is no in-built meaning in it; it has to be created. It has to be introduced, it has to be provoked. If you are waiting for some ready-made meaning, you will not get it.and life will seem meaningless.

Life is just blank. It is just an opportunity. You can create meaning, you can create meaninglessness too. You can create freedom, you can create an imprisonment too. It all depends on you. Your freedom is total.

Man is very afraid of this freedom, because this freedom becomes great responsibilities. You would like somebody to give you meaning so that then you are not responsible. Then meaning is given to you.

To create meaning means that if you miss. only you are responsible and nobody else. That creates fear. So man has always been creating gods who Give meaning to Life. What exactly is the notion of a God? Someone to look to, somebody to look up to, somebody who will give meaning to you, somebody who will give salvation, bliss, moksha. You want to be on the receiving end, that’s why people go to the churches, to the temples, to the mosques - just to pray “Give us meaning.”

This prayer is impotent The right prayer is to do something to create meaning. Existence cooperates, it cooperates with you - whatsoever you are doing, God is always there to cooperate. Even if you are going against him, he cooperates with you. That’s the meaning of Jesus’ saying that when the clouds shower, they shower on both the just and the unjust, the good and the bad. When the sun rays fall, they fall on all unconditionally - the sinner and the saint; they don’t make any distinction.

If you are simply waiting for some meaning to come into your life, you are waiting like a beggar with a begging bowl. Then you will never get it. And because you are waiting, you will continuously feel meaninglessness. You have an idea of meaning and you don’t create it, and then you go on comparing your life with that idea and life is always falling short.great anxiety. You are creating both.

First this idea that “I am only to be on the receiving end” that “I am not to be creative”; and second, carrying this great idea that “Life should be like this, only then it is life, only then there is significance” - and then comparing it with your life. You will not find anywhere that poetry which gives you significance unless you bring it into existence, unless you create it.

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