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Chapter 7: A Bird with Two Wings

Sat-Chit-Anand.Meaning or no meaning, just the sound of it touches my heart deeply.

Vimal, Sat-Chit-Anand is included in those few words of all the languages of the world which have descended from the highest peak of consciousness. They are pure music, they are absolute poetry, they are no ordinary words. And if they touch your heart without even knowing the exact meaning, the reason is that they are re-echoing the soundless sound of those who have entered into that space.

Sanskrit can be proud that it has never been a living language used in the marketplace. Sanskrit lovers try to prove just the contrary. They try to prove that once it was a living language in which people talked, just like any other ordinary dialect. But I insist on my difference.

I want to know why their insistence is for Sanskrit to be a living language used by ordinary people. They think if a language is not used by ordinary people then it loses something of importance, it is a dead language. Certainly it has never been used by the people, but it is not a dead language.

It is a language of the mystics. It is the language of those who know. It is not worldly, that’s true. It is something otherworldly, and this is not a criticism. In fact, this is the extraordinariness of the language, that it was only used by a very few people of tremendous understanding. Their each word has immense significance, because it is coming out of a deep experience of reality of their own being.

The so-called living languages are mundane. They are for the marketplace, for day-to-day use: naturally, they cannot contain something of the beyond. Perhaps Sanskrit is the only language.and it is also the mother language of all the civilized languages of the world.

It is rare in the sense that the people who formulated it were not thinking of the material side of existence, but were more concerned that the words used would reflect something of consciousness, heights of consciousness, of love, of compassion, of ecstasy. Their words are mantras, sacred. They are coming from the very source of our life. It is possible.

Vimal, you say, “Sat-Chit-Anand.Meaning or no meaning, just the sound of it touches my heart deeply.” It is a soundless sound; or, in other words, the sound of silence, the sound of ultimate experience, the sound when you are no more - only the universe remains. Certainly you can avoid meaning. You can say “meaning or no meaning,” because meaning is of the mind.

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