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Chapter 24: Following Existence

The first sentence creates great hurdles. Everybody is taught in the West to think, and thinking pays in life - sitting silently won’t pay. It is not a qualification; maybe it can be called a disqualification. If you apply for a job and tell the employer that your qualification is sitting silently, doing nothing, the spring comes and the grass grows by itself, they will be simply amazed! They will throw you out of the office - “You sit somewhere else, because we don’t want the grass to grow here!” And you must be mad in their eyes..

The West has never developed any meditation - it is poor in that way, very poor. It knows only prayer, which is not even a faraway echo of meditation. Even the so-called prophets and saviors and messiahs have never been able to go beyond prayer - prayer is the last thing, because God is the ultimate goal.

Meditation is a revolution in religion.

It simply drops God, without even arguing against it. It is not even worthy of that, because it is only a hypothesis - unproved, unexperienced; it does not deserve to be considered.

I had a friend, Professor Wilson, who was teaching in the theological college of Jabalpur. He could not understand that there can be a religion which has no God, which has no prayer. The West, for the last four or five centuries, has never conceived that religion is possible without God, without prayer. In fact it is only possible without them - they are the disturbances, obstructions on the way to religious revolution; they are the enemies.

The devil has not done any wrong in the world - he does not exist. God also does not exist, but he has done immense harm. It has kept man’s mind focused on something outside, and when you are focused on the outside, you remain in the mind. Meditation cannot be focused outside; only mind has the capacity to be focused outside. Mind cannot be focused inside; only meditation can do that. So meditation and mind go diametrically opposite ways.

It is not without reason that people of meditation have called their path the path of “no-mind.” But with the mind being dropped, gods, all kinds of theologies, devils, heaven and hell and their details, the ideas of sin and virtue - they are all dropped because they are all part of the mind. And the West has remained mind-obsessed - as if you are only mind and nothing more; your existence consists of mind-body, and that’s all.

Trained in the Western ways, Kaveesha thought that it must be some metaphor, or perhaps there is some meaning in it. Meaning is a mind word and if there is some meaning in it, then: “Think about the meaning, find out the meaning of it!”

And you cannot find any meaning in it. It comes from an inner source of your being, where meaning itself has no meaning, where things simply are - with great splendor, with tremendous beauty, but no meaning. Meaning is a logical concept, and logic is a mind product. Existence knows nothing about it.

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