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Chapter 27: I Can See a Shoe in Your Heart

The emperor returned home very puzzled. The man had a charisma: he could not forget his eyes, he could not forget his presence. He could not sleep the whole night; he could not make the distinction how one person saying, “I don’t know” is ignorant and another person saying, “I don’t know” is innocent.

He came back again. Bodhidharma said, “You are knowledgeable; you have never recognized the fact that you don’t know yourself - you have always believed that you know. At least, you have pretended to the world that you know. It is out of ignorance.

“I have searched deeply into myself. I don’t know because there is nobody to be known. I have found the house empty - a pure nothingness, a sky without clouds. There is no knower, there is nothing to be known.

“You are saying it out of ignorance, because you still think you are, but you don’t know who you are. I am saying it out of innocence, because I know there is no one to be known, to be a knower. It is just pure silence.”

The bottle will be delivered to you - just get ripe for it. Right now, you are asking out of ignorance. The day you will ask out of innocence, the bottle.? no, the whole ocean will be delivered to you - it belongs to you. It is already within you. Your insight just has to grow more, your awareness has to be more clear, your silence has to be more deep, more profound. And all these qualities are almost ready to explode within you - it is just that you don’t allow them, you are preventing them.

Nobody wants to be just a nobody, nobody wants to be a pure nothingness. The moment you are ready to disappear, a new presence arises in you which has nothing to do with “I” and “me,” which is part of the whole existence. And then only the thirst is quenched.

My work is to make you more and more thirsty - so thirsty that one day, you take a jump into your own nothingness, and disappear. Your disappearance is your enlightenment.

Unable to write you a meaningful question, I am overjoyed seeing people loving you. Beloved Master, please help me to keep moving on.

Nirupa, the feeling that you are unable to write a meaningful question gives you what I was calling innocence; otherwise, people think their questions are very meaningful. Out of ignorance, you cannot ask a meaningful question. It is one of the mysteries of life: the day you can ask a meaningful question, you will find the meaningful answer within yourself. A meaningful question carries as a shadow the meaningful answer.

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