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Chapter 7: An Explosion of Insight

Have not you seen, the rich people are the most bored people in the world? Why? Their desires are fulfilled - and nothing is fulfilled. They have the most beautiful house that they wanted - now what? Now they cannot think of anything more beautiful. I know a few rich people who have all that they can have. Now what? Now suddenly they come to a dead end.

Once an astrologer said to Alexander the Great: “Sir, you are going to win the whole world. It is in your destiny, you will win. But let me remind you of one thing: when you have won the whole world, what will you do? Because there is no other world.”

And it is said, Alexander became sad in his life for the first time. Suddenly, the idea, the very idea is frightening - “You will win the whole world, then what?” You can understand, in that moment suddenly he is thrown back to his emptiness.

Yes, you can win the whole world, but your heart is such; the whole world will become meaningless. The moment you have it, it becomes meaningless. See this logic: the moment you have something, it immediately becomes meaningless. If you are intelligent enough you will see it immediately. The car in the porch, and meaningless. The woman in your bed, and meaning has already disappeared.

I have heard about Lord Byron, one of the greatest poets of the English language, that he fell in love with many women - near about sixty in his whole life. He would fall in love one day, and the next day he was finished - he would make love to a woman once, and finished. Must have been a man of great intelligence. To make love to the same woman again, needs a kind of stupidity. He must have been a man of great intelligence - if he had been in India, he might have achieved buddhahood.

One woman finally persuaded him for marriage, because she wouldn’t allow him to make love to her unless he got married to her. She knew that many women had come into his life: once he makes love to the woman, the woman becomes meaningless. He turns away, as if he has not known the woman at all. All his energy and all his love and all his romance simply disappears, as if it has never been there.

Listening to all these stories, one woman insisted that she would not allow him to touch her-body unless he got married to her. And he became more and more excited - the more he was denied, naturally, the more he desired. He became almost crazy about that woman. Finally he agreed to get married.

One has to be very crazy to get married - real crazy, mad. And women have some intuitive understanding about this. They don’t allow anybody to come too close unless they feel they are settled in a marriage, unless the law protects them. Otherwise love disappears like a dewdrop in the morning sun, unless solid law is there. Marriage is solid law, you can depend on it. It has the court and the policeman and the magistrate - everything behind it.

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