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Chapter 5: Questions: Exposing Your Way from Ignorance to Innocence

In Greece, there was a great philosopher, Xeno. He lived a long life - in those days it was really very long, because the average life in those days was not more than twenty-five years. Xeno lived ninety years.

And he is a strange philosopher, unique in a sense, because his teaching is that life is meaningless; so meaningless that any man of intelligence will commit suicide, that is the only intelligent act you can do. So many of his disciples committed suicide, went on committing suicide. Ninety years long, thousands of disciples - and he was a very convincing man. What he was saying was so accurate, because ordinary life is certainly so meaningless. Unless you know how to change it into a divine phenomenon, it is meaningless.

And he was a great logician; he argued and convinced people, and people committed suicide, young people committed suicide.

When he was dying, somebody asked, “Xeno, one thing has always disturbed us. Because of your philosophy, thousands of people have committed suicide. Why have you gone on living?”

He said, “It was just to teach people to commit suicide; otherwise who will do my job? I had to live.”

People are living absolutely meaningless lives. I also teach them a kind of suicide - not exactly the same as Xeno. I teach them a suicide in which they are reborn in a more luminous life, of a greater glory, of a divine ecstasy. I have to live because it would be absolutely unkind, knowing the path of transformation and not telling it to the people who need it.