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Chapter 11: Draupadi: A Rare Woman

And lastly I want to say that in the past there was no other way except to express even the great psychological truths of life through symbols, metaphors and parables. They not only served as good vehicles of expression for these truths, they were also safe vaults for keeping treasures of such immense value. These stories have precious gems of wisdom hidden in them. The ancients had no other way than this to preserve them for posterity. But now we have to uncover them and interpret them rightly. Jesus has said somewhere that he speaks in a language which will be understood by those who can understand it, and those who cannot will not be harmed in any way. He spoke so that those who understood him could gain, and those who could not understand him had the joy of listening to a story.

For thousands of years we have had the joy of listening to these stories which are now with us as nothing more than mere stories. In the course of time, we have lost the keys with which we could unlock these treasures and decode their hidden meanings. These discussions I am having with you are meant to make available to you some of the lost keys, so that you decode the real meanings of these metaphors and symbols, myths and parables, and they are transformed into the realities of your lives. Whether or not these are their real meanings is not my concern, but if they help you uncover your minds and discover your reality, they will have served their purpose. Then they will prove to be a benediction, a bliss to you.