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Chapter 9: Watching the Watcher

Grasp the principle of two witnesses.
Always rely on just a happy frame of mind.

Even though you are distracted, if you can do it, it is still mind training.
Always observe the three general points.

Change your inclination and then maintain it.
Do not discuss defects.

Don't think about anything that concerns others.
Train first against the defilement that is greatest.

Abandon all hopes of results.

The first sutra:

Grasp the principle of two witnesses.

It is one of the most important sutras, one of the very fundamentals of inner alchemy. Let it sink deep in your heart. It can transform you, it can give you a new birth, a new vision, a new universe. It has two meanings; both meanings have to be understood.

The first meaning: there are two kinds of witnesses. One kind is the people that surround you. You are constantly aware that you are being watched, witnessed. It creates self-consciousness in you. Hence the fear when you are on a stage facing a big crowd. Actors feel it, poets feel it, orators feel it - and not only the beginners, even those who have wasted their whole life in acting. When they come on the stage a great trembling arises in them, great fear: whether they will be able to make it or not.

With so many eyes watching you, you are reduced to an object. You are no longer a subjectivity, you have become a thing. And you are afraid because they may not appreciate you. They may not feed your ego, they may not like you, they may reject you. Now you are in their hands. You are reduced to a dependent slave. Now you have to work in such a way that you will be appreciated. You have to buttress their egos, so that in response you can hope they will buttress your ego.

When you are with your friends you are not so afraid. You know them, they are predictable, you depend on each other. But when you face the anonymous crowd, more fear arises. Your whole being starts trembling, your whole ego is at stake - you can fail. Who knows? Your success is not guaranteed.

This is the first kind of witness. Others are witnessing you, and you are just a beggar. This is the situation in which millions of people live. They live for others, hence they only appear to live, they don’t live in reality. They are always adjusting to others, because they are happy only if others are happy with them. They are compromising constantly, they are selling their souls for a simple reason: so their ego can be strengthened, so that they can become famous, well known.

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