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Chapter 4: Your Original Face

It is almost impossible because everybody around is mad and they will force him to be like themselves. They will kill his freedom and they will create the feeling that he is wrong, he is always wrong. That creates a condemnation, a self-condemnation; you start hating yourself. And remember: if you hate yourself you cannot love anybody else. Impossible! How can you love somebody when you hate yourself? If poison exists at the source, it will poison all your relationships. So you are never able to love anybody.

And remember the second thing which follows as a logical consequence: if you hate yourself, how can you think that anybody is going to love you? If you cannot love yourself, who is going to love you? So you know deep down that nobody is going to love you; and even if somebody tries, you never believe him. You go on looking.he must be deceiving you. How can anybody love you? - you cannot love yourself. Then even if someone loves you, you are skeptical about it, doubtful. You cannot trust, and you will find ways and means to prove that he doesn’t love you. And when it is proved, you are at ease, then everything is right.

This hatred is the base of all false faces; you start hiding. Clothes exist not because of the climate, that is just a minor part of it. They exist to hide the body, they exist to hide the sexuality, they exist to hide the animal in you. But the animal is life; all that is alive in you is animal-like. Except for your head, everything is animal-like, so everything has to be hidden except the head. Only the head, thinking, is not animal-like, so that is allowed. The society would be very happy if your whole body was cut off and only the head existed.

They are trying to do it, and the experiments have been successful. It is possible for the whole body to be dropped and the mind to go on functioning. The brain goes on functioning just through mechanical help: a mechanical heart goes on beating, a mechanical blood system goes on moving the blood, circulating it in the brain; and the brain exists without the body. Scientists are doing many experiments, and they are in confusion as to what the brain should be thinking inside, because the body is no longer there; the brain may be having dreams, thinking thoughts, creating systems.

They were successful in this just a few years back, but society has been successful with the same experiment in a different way: your whole body is cut off from your consciousness, only your head is allowed. If you suddenly come upon your body without the head, I am certain you will not recognize that it is your body. If you suddenly come upon your body without the head, will you be able to recognize that it is your body? You have never seen it; even in the bathroom you have never seen your body. Clothes have become too much. They are not just on the body, they are on the mind also.

Two small school children were passing a big wall and they wanted to know what was going on behind the wall. They found a small hole but it was very difficult to reach, so one boy stood on the other boy’s shoulders, looked through the hole and said, “Wonderful! Many people are there and they are playing, but they are all nude. It seems to be a nudist club.”

The other boy became excited and he said, “Tell me something more: are they are men or women.”

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