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Chapter 6: You Can’t Corner a Madman

Intellect has its utility, but you are bigger than the intellect, vaster than the intellect. If you become identified with the intellect too much, you will become a doctor or an engineer or a professor, a businessman, a warrior, but you will lose your being. You will not be yourself. You can become so identified with your function that you can forget your being. You can forget that you are a man; you can become so much of an engineer or a judge or a politician that you can forget that you are a man. You are losing much; then you are just a mechanism. The society will use you - while you can be used - then you will be retired from society. Then society waits for you.when you are going to die.

Retired people die sooner than they would have died if they had not been retired; they become old sooner; their life becomes less by almost ten years. What happens? They become useless. They can feel that everywhere, wherever they go, they are at the most, tolerated; they are not needed. And there is a great need in man to be needed - the greatest need is to be needed. Once you feel you are superfluous, once you feel you can be discarded into the dustbin, once you feel that you don’t function as a utility in the society; you start dying. The retirement day becomes the date of dying also - you start dying fast. You yourself know that you will be a burden now. People will tolerate you, people may even sympathize with you, but nobody is going to take you seriously, nobody is going to love you and respect you. You are discarded.

If you get too identified with the intellect, you are becoming a thing, like a mechanism. A good car, but when its utility is finished it is thrown onto the rubbish heap. Then you are going to be used and thrown, and your innermost core will remain unfulfilled because you were not meant to be just used. You were meant to flower as a being; that was your destiny.

Higher than intellect is intuition. Intuition gives a little romance to your life, a little poetry. It gives you a few glimpses of the nonutilitarian, of your being a person and not being a thing. When somebody loves you, that love hits your intuition, your moon center. When somebody looks at you with charmed eyes, magnetized, that exhilarates the moon energy within you. When somebody says that you are beautiful, your being feels enhanced. When somebody says you are useful, you feel hurt. Useful? That doesn’t seem to be appreciation, because if you are useful then you are replaceable; then you can be thrown, somebody else can replace you. But if you are beautiful then you are irreplaceable, then you are unique. Then when you will be gone from the world, something will always remain empty, something will always be lacking.

That’s why you hanker for love; love is food for intuition. If you are not loved your intuition will not develop. The only way to develop intuition is to shower love upon you. So if a mother loves the child, the child becomes intuitive; if the mother does not love the child, the child becomes intellectual. If the child lives in an atmosphere of love and care and compassion - if the child is accepted for his own self, not for any utility that he can fulfill - then he grows tremendously inside and his energy starts moving through the moon center.

The moon center is almost nonfunctioning because you have not been loved.

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