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Chapter 10: No Yesterday, No Tomorrow, No Today

You go to your so-called saints - they cannot trust themselves. They are afraid because whatsoever they have enforced is enforced, it is not natural, and they know if they relax then things will go wrong. If a beautiful woman comes to a saint, you can see that he has become fidgety, uneasy. It may not be on the surface, but if you watch deeply you can feel it, because he has enforced brahmacharya, celibacy, and that woman is a danger. He cannot allow this woman to be there for long, because then his own distrust about himself will come up.

A man who has not trusted his own life-energy cannot trust anybody. He is an enemy of man, a poisoner. And poisoners are very articulate - they have to be, because they have to be argumentative and defend themselves, and they have to depend on their own mind.

And these poisoners have done such a deep harm, such a wound to the whole humanity, that it is impossible to think how humanity can come out of it. They have poisoned everything: “This is bad, that is bad, this is sin, that is guilt.” And they have created such a mess around you that whatsoever you do you will feel guilty. If you don’t do, you will feel guilty because of nature.

If you love you have fallen; if you don’t love you go on feeling a deep urge to love. It comes from nature, nothing is wrong in it. It is as natural as hunger and thirst, and as beautiful as hunger and thirst. But your saints would like you to be just plastic men - no hunger, no thirst, no love - then you are perfect.

If your whole mechanism is made of plastic then it will be easy. And scientists are thinking on those lines, to make the whole mechanism plastic. Then you don’t need any food, you don’t need any love, you don’t need anything. You become a machine, you are a robot. Sometimes, when something goes wrong, you can be sent to the workshop. And every day you can go to the filling station, and they can put some petrol in you and everything is okay. Then you will be a perfectionist, then you will be perfect.

But as life is, life is delicate; it is not plastic, it is very delicate. You don’t have wires, you have nerves. And the balance is always moving. Nothing is certain, and everything goes on melting and merging into the other. That’s why you are alive.

A man of understanding is not bothered, he is not anxious about non-perfection. He doesn’t think in terms of perfection at all; he only lives the moment as wholly as possible, as totally as possible. And the more he lives totally, the more he becomes capable to live it.

A day comes: he simply lives without forcing any ideals, without thinking any concepts, without making any rules and regulations about his life. He simply lives and enjoys and delights.

To live in this faith is the road to non-duality.

And this is faith.

Because the non-dual is one with the trusting mind.