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Chapter 2: The Mystery of Meditation

When you are a social being the mechanism must be on: the mechanism of language. Without this you cannot exist within society. But when you are with existence, the mechanism must be turned off - and you must be able to put it off, otherwise the mechanism is mad. If you cannot turn it off - and it goes on and on, and you are not capable of putting it off, then the mechanism has taken hold over you - then you have become just a slave to the mechanism, to the instrument. Mind must be used as an instrument, and not as a master. It has become the master.

Mind as master is the non-meditative state. You, the consciousness as the master, is the meditative state. So meditation is mastering the mechanism, the mind.

The linguistic function of the mind is not the all and end all. You are behind it and existence is beyond it. Consciousness is behind the linguistic mechanism and existence is beyond the linguistic mechanism. And when consciousness and existence are in communion, that state I call meditation - consciousness and existence in communion.

So language must be dropped. When I say “must be dropped” I don’t mean that you must push it away, you must suppress it, you must cut it away - I don’t mean that. What I mean is: you must understand that a habit which is needed in society has become a habit of twenty-four hours, which is not needed. When you walk, you need legs to move. They should not move when you are sitting. When you are sitting, if your legs go on moving then you are mad; then the legs have gone insane. You must be able to turn them off. When you are not talking with somebody, then language must not be there. It is a talking instrument, a technique to communicate. When you are communicating something, language should be used. But when you are not communicating with somebody, language should not be there.

If you are able - and you can be by understanding - then you can grow into meditation. I say you can “grow” because alive processes are never dead additions. They are always growing processes. So meditation is a process, not a technique. Technique is always dead - it can be added. Process is always living - it grows and widens.

So the first thing: language is needed, it is necessary, but you must not always remain in it. There must be moments when you are existential and not linguistic, when you just exist. It will not be just vegetating because consciousness is there, and it is more acute, and it is more living, because language dulls the consciousness.

Language is bound to be repetitive. Language is bound to be repetitive. Existence is never repetitive. So, through language comes boredom, and the more powerful language becomes - the more the mind becomes linguistically oriented - the more bored it is, because language is a repetition. Existence is not.

When you see a rose, it is not a repetition. It is a new rose, altogether new. It has never been and it will never be again. For the first time and the last time it is there. But when you say “this is a rose,” this word rose is a repetition. It has always been there; it will always be there. You have killed the new through the old word.

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