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Chapter 2: The Mystery of Meditation

There is a sunrise. You are never aware of the gap - you see it, you feel it and you verbalize it. But the gap is never felt - the gap between the feeling and the verbalizing. In that gap, in that interval, one must become aware. One must become aware of the fact that sunrise as such is not a word; it is a fact, a presence, a situation. The mind automatically changes it into a word. These words are accumulated. They go on being accumulated and between existence, the existential and consciousness, these piled up words - these piled up memories, linguistic memories - these are the obstacles toward meditative growth.

Meditation means living in a situation without words, living in a situation non-linguistically. Sometimes it happens spontaneously also. When you are in love with someone, the non-linguistic moment is prolonged. If you are really in love then presence is felt, and language is not. So whenever two lovers are in intimate relationship they become silent. It is not that there is nothing to express. On the contrary, much is overwhelming them, wanting to be expressed. But words are not there; they cannot be. They only come when the love has gone.

If two lovers are not silent and are talking, that is an indication that the love has died. Now they are filling the gap with words. When love is living, words are not, because the very existence of love is so overwhelming, so penetrating, that the barrier is crossed - the barrier of language and words. And ordinarily only in love is the barrier crossed.

That’s why prayerfulness is a further step of love, and meditation is the culmination, the culmination of love: love, not with a single person - with an individual - but with the total existence. So to me, meditation is a loving relationship with the total existence, with all that surrounds you. If you can be in a love situation with it, then you are in meditation.

And this is not a mental trick. This is not “making” the mind still; rather it is understanding the mechanism of the mind. It is not interfering with the mechanism; rather it is a deep understanding of the total mechanism of the mind. The moment you understand your mechanical habit of verbalization, of verbalizing, the mechanical habit of changing things and existence into words, the moment you understand it, the gap is there. It comes spontaneously. It follows understanding. It is just like a shadow of the understanding.

So, first one has to understand how one is not in meditation. The real problem is not how to meditate; the real problem is to know why we are not in meditation. The real problem is not how to love, but to know why we are not in love. It is negative; the real process of meditation is negative. It is not adding something positively to you, but rather, on the contrary, negating something from you, which has already been added to you.

The society gives language; the society cannot exist without language. Human society is an outgrowth of language; there are no animal societies because they have no language. Language creates the society. Society needs language; existence doesn’t need it. Existence can be without language; society cannot be. So I am not saying that you must be without language - you will have to be with language. But this mechanism must be a mechanism which can be put on and off.

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