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Chapter 14: Knowing All through the One

This is the most difficult thing. For months together the seeker is to practice going beyond lust. And when a beautiful woman appears just like a beautiful flower and he has no lust in the mind, only then will the master allow the seeker to approach this beautiful woman without lust, to enter this woman without lust. Then it becomes a meditation, and the orgasm becomes cosmic. Then individuals are not there because individuals exist through desire, lust and passion. Then love happens and this love is prayer. And through each other they have entered the greater depth that encompasses all.

Sex can give you the answer and if you have become too intellectual then only sex can give you the answer. Any intellectual age will have to ask through sex. If you have moved too much in the head you will have to fall back to the other extreme. Only then do your two opposites within meet and you become a unity.

Uma said,

“That Yaksha was Brahman.”

Through deep sex experience, meditative sex experience, you will come to know that this sex energy is nothing but divine energy. Then sex becomes samadhi.

Uma said,

“It was through the victory of Brahman, indeed, that you achieved this glory.” It was from that that Indra understood that the Yaksha was Brahman.

The mind cannot understand directly. Sex becomes the mediator: Uma becomes the medium. And through that medium Indra could understand who that spirit was, who that presence was. Mind needs a mediator because mind is abstract and reality is not abstract. Only through a mediator, a transformer, can mind come in contact with reality.

Greek philosophy lost its path only because of this - because they depended totally on mind and reason and they thought nothing else was needed: go on thinking and through thinking the truth will be achieved. It has not been achieved yet. Greek philosophy goes on. It has changed its land, it has changed its abode. It has traveled through the whole Western history of thought.

The river that was born in Athens has traveled through Berlin, through Paris, through London, through New York. It has been going on and on.but it simply gives more words. It gives Hegel and Kant, it gives Berkeley and Hume, it gives Russell and Wittgenstein - words and words and words. It cannot produce a Buddha, it cannot produce a Jesus - it cannot produce experience. And now the West is becoming interested in tantra. That may be the turning-point. The head comes back to the roots.

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