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Chapter 8: Already Home

What happened? Why did water help so much? The idea that it is medicine helps, not the medicine. And because water is pure water, it cannot harm. Medicine will harm. That’s why the people who had been given real medicine started coming back. They started creating some new desire, some new disease, some new problems.because no medicine can go without affecting your system in some way or other. It will have its reactions. Water cannot have any reaction. This is pure hypnosis.

You can drink water with such zest, with such prayer, that it becomes wine. You see the Zen people drinking tea with such ceremony and ritual, with such awareness, then even tea becomes something phenomenal. Ordinary tea is transformed. Ordinary acts can be transformed - a morning walk can be intoxicating. And if a morning walk cannot be intoxicating, then something is wrong with you. Just watching a roseflower can be intoxicating. And if it cannot intoxicate you, then nothing can intoxicate you. Just looking in the eyes of a child can be intoxicating.

Learn how to live the moment joyously. Don’t look for results, there are none. Life is not going anywhere, it has no ends. Life is not a means to any end, life is just herenow. Live it. Live it totally, live it consciously, live it joyously - and you will be fulfilled.

Fulfillment should not be postponed, otherwise you will never be fulfilled. Fulfillment has to be now - now or never.

The last question:

People think I am mean, but I feel I am only miserly. What do you say, Osho?

I will tell you one anecdote.

A young man was overjoyed one morning to learn that he had won fifty thousand pounds on the football pools. He lived with his mother and father, both elderly and not too well off, and when he told them about his win they too were overjoyed.

“Naturally,” he said, “I want you to share in my good fortune, so I am going to make you a present of ten pounds each.”

There was silence for a moment and then the old man spoke. “Well, son,” he said, “we have done a lot for you, mother and I, and you have never gone short of anything over the years, but now you are able to stand on your own two feet, I think you should know that, well, your mother and I were never legally married.”

“What!” exclaimed the young man. “Do you mean to say that I am a.?”

“Yes, you are,” said the old man. “And a ruddy mean one at that!”

Enough for today.