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Chapter 11: The Lion and the Fox

And the moment you know who you are your whole life is transformed. Your whole life becomes divine because you are gods. Your faces are different, your talents are different, your colors are different, your minds, your conditionings are different, but these are only layers around you; they don’t constitute your core. The core is your original face, uncontaminated by the society.

And when you come to know your original face - the face that you had before you were born and the face that you will again have when you have died, the face that has been given to you by God - that face is the greatest experience. Knowing it, one knows all. Not knowing it, you can become very knowledgeable, but you are just hiding your ignorance.

The people who are very much concerned with inventing a self live a very mediocre life. They have to live a mediocre life, because they have to satisfy the mediocre crowd around themselves.

In India, if you want to be respected as a mahatma you will have to starve, you will have to fast. Unless you fast nobody is going to respect you as a mahatma. If you want this identity then you will have to fast. You will have to adjust to the demands of a mediocre society.

And everywhere the society consists of mediocre minds - the middle class, the bourgeoisie; those who have known nothing except chasing after money and power, those who have never seen anything in depth, those who are not aware at all of the vertical dimension of life, those who go on running as fast as they can on the horizontal plane. And then one day they fall in their graves without knowing at all what they have missed, without knowing the glory and splendor of life and existence.

Society consists of the mediocre people, and to adjust yourself to the mediocre people is to become a mediocrity on your own. Beware of it. Watch your steps. The trap is all around and the trap is very alluring because it gives you the cheap satisfaction of being a certain self. And all kinds of selves are available; you can go window-shopping. If you want to become a mahatma then the mask is sold in the marketplace; you just have to know a few requirements of how to be a mahatma: what to eat, what not to eat; when to sleep, when not to sleep; how to move, with whom to move; what scriptures to read, what books to avoid. Just small things, trivia.any stupid person can manage it. In fact only stupids can manage it. If you have intelligence, you would like to live your own life on your own terms. You will not compromise. You will live like a Jesus. Even if it means crucifixion, it’s okay. Jesus died on the cross, but died with a self, died with a discovered self. That’s why he was not angry with the people who were killing him, because now he knew nobody could kill. People can kill only the self that they have given to you. They are powerful about it: they can withdraw their support and you will start collapsing.

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