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Chapter 29: Just like Ripe Fruit

One can see that Ronald Reagan and his company can lie so much because when the nuclear disaster happened in Russia, and only two people died, American propaganda put it out all over the world that two thousand people had died. And Russia was absolutely right - only two people died - because later on, experts from outside Russia confirmed that only two people had died at the time of the accident.

Several people died later on, after a few days; in all, less than twenty persons have died, but as far as the accident is concerned only two people had died. Can two people be made into two thousand? One cannot believe that you can lie so much about something which you cannot prove.

Since then America has been silent. It has not said anything about those two thousand. If they had any evidence they could have come out and proved it, but their own experts have been there and checked that only two people died. And there is a great difference between two and two thousand - one thousand times more.

But why is this happening? This is happening for the simple reason that America, deep inside, feels afraid that if there is no war, America is going to lose. If there is war at least America will not lose - the whole of life will be destroyed. If there is choice - either to be a loser without a war or to destroy the whole of humanity - America is ready to destroy the whole of humanity.

These are the signs of a decadent society, a society which has come to a suicidal point - a society which itself does not have any reason to live, and feels, why should anybody else have any reason to live?

Communist countries are poor, have no freedom, are not democratic; but this whole thing has made them love life more. They are not suicidal, they are not psychologically sick.

If the people of America can see that they are in the hands of mad people, if they can change their government, take it over from the mad people and give it to more intelligent people of whom there are so many in America.. But the trouble is, the intelligent people don’t feel like getting into dirty politics. It is a strange phenomenon that only mediocre people go into politics - the intelligent people remain far away - and these mediocre people have to decide the destiny of the whole world.

It is time that American people should take over all the powers from the mediocre people. These powers should be given to those who have real merit - and there are enough people who have merit. The whole nation just has to wake up and think about what these politicians are doing, and create a government of non-political people.

Make it a point that politicians are no longer needed, professional politicians are no longer needed. There are doctors, there are professors, there are surgeons, there are scientists, there are artists, there are poets, there are painters - there are thousands of geniuses. Once a nation decides.. “We are not going to vote for the politician; it is not a question of this party or that party, it is a question of politicians versus meritorious people who have nothing to do with politics.”

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