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Chapter 4: Let It Be So

A Hasid lives like a river. He trusts. A man who is too much obsessed with techniques is a non-trusting man, a doubting man. He cannot trust in life, he trusts in his own techniques.

I have heard a very beautiful anecdote. Bodhi has sent it to me.

A gorilla collector was anxious to collect some more gorillas, so he went to Africa. Soon he found himself in the hut of a Great White Hunter.

“And how much do you charge for each catch?” asked the collector.

“Well,” said the hunter, “I get five hundred dollars for myself, five hundred dollars for that little pygmy over there with the rifle, and five hundred dollars for my dog.”

The collector couldn’t figure out why the dog should get five hundred dollars, but being a practical man he reasoned that fifteen hundred dollars was reasonable and he didn’t care how it got divided up.

On safari, the Great White Hunter spied a gorilla up a tree, whereupon he climbed up the tree and hit the gorilla over the head. As the gorilla fell to the ground, the dog ran over and grabbed it by the testicles with his teeth, rendering it motionless. Meanwhile the hunter climbed down the tree, brought a cage over, and pushed the gorilla in it.

The collector was flabbergasted. He said to the hunter, “This is simply fantastic! I have never seen anything like it in my life. You are certainly earning your five hundred dollars, and that dog - well, what can I say? - he’s simply terrific. But that pygmy with the rifle - he doesn’t seem to be doing a thing.”

The hunter said, “Don’t you worry about the pygmy. He earns his money.”

So on and so forth it went, catching gorilla after gorilla, until finally he came across a gorilla who had been watching the whole proceedings. The Hunter climbed up the tree, and just as he was about to bash the gorilla over the head, the gorilla turned and bashed him first.

As the hunter was falling from the tree he yelled to the pygmy, “Shoot the dog! Shoot the dog!”

Now this is the technique-oriented mind. It arranges for everything, for every possibility. It does not leave a loophole in a system.

A religious man cannot be in such a planned way, it is not possible. He has to leave many loopholes for godliness to enter in. In fact, if you understand rightly, a religious man is one who plans nothing - because how can we plan? And what are our capacities for planning? We are limited. We have a small light of intelligence, but it is too tiny. Trusting it totally creates a very mediocre life. The vast never enters into this mediocre life; the infinite never enters into this mediocre life; the endless never enters into this mediocre life.

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