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Chapter 5: Is He Dead?

Live as intensely as possible! Burn your candle of life from both ends! Burn it so intensely.if it is finished in one second it is okay, but at least you will have known what it is. Only intensity penetrates. And if you can live an intense life you will have a different quality of death, because you will die intensely. As life is, so will the death be. If you live dragging, you will die dragging. You will miss life, and you will miss death also. Make life as intense as possible. Put everything at stake. Why worry? Why be worried about the future? This moment is there. Bring your total existence into it! Live intensely, totally, wholly, and this moment will become a revelation. And if you know life, you will know death.

This is the secret key: if you know life, you will know death. If you ask what death is, it means you have not lived - because deep down they are one. What is the secret of life? The secret of life is death. If you love, what is the secret of love? Death. If you meditate, what is the secret of meditation? Death.

Whatsoever happens that is beautiful and intense always happens through death. You die. You simply bring yourself totally in it and die to everything else. You become so intense that you are not there, because if you are there then the intensity cannot be total; then two are there. If you love and the lover is there, then love cannot be intense. Love so deeply, so totally, that the lover disappears. Then you are just an energy moving. Then you will know love, you will know life, you will know death.

These three words are very meaningful: love, life, and death. Their secret is the same, and if you understand them there is no need to meditate. It is because you don’t understand them that meditation is needed. Meditation is just a spare wheel. If you really love, it becomes meditation. If you don’t love, then you will have to meditate. If you really live, it becomes meditation. If you don’t live, then you will have to meditate; then something else will have to be added.

But this is the problem: if you cannot love deeply, how can you meditate deeply? If you cannot live deeply, how can you meditate deeply? .Because the problem is neither love nor meditation nor death, the problem is: How to move to the depth? Deepness is the question.

If you move deeply in anything, life will be on the periphery and death will be in the center. Even if you watch a flower totally, forgetting everything, in watching the flower you will die in the flower. You will experience a merging, a melting. Suddenly you will feel you are not, only the flower is.

Live each moment as if this is the last moment. And nobody knows - it may be the last.

Both the masters were trying to bring Zengen an awareness. When Sekiso heard the disciple telling him the whole story he also said, “No. I’m not saying and that’s final.” He repeated the same words Dogo had said. The first time the disciple missed, but not the second time.

At that very instant, Zengen experienced an awakening.