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Chapter 12: Stand in Your Son’s Shoes

The first question:

Once you said that Krishna was a brahmin, but really he was a kshatriya. Nobody is ready to accept him as a brahmin. Which is correct?

When I say something there is no need to ask anybody about it. Meditate over it.

When I said that Krishna was a brahmin I mean that he has known the ultimate truth, brahma is the ultimate truth. By knowing it one becomes a brahmin. When I say Krishna is a brahmin I mean Mahavira is a brahmin, Buddha is a brahmin - so is Moses, so is Jesus, so is Lao Tzu. I don’t mean the caste brahmin. By birth nobody is a brahmin, nobody can be. I also know that he was a kshatriya a kshatriya by birth. That is meaningless. That is formal, accidental. I don’t talk about accidents.

By accident I was born in India but I am not an Indian. By accident you may have been born in Germany but you are not a German. By accident you may be black or white but you are neither. The accident can only decide the form, not your being. Your being is beyond accident, beyond caste, beyond religion, beyond nation, beyond color. When I am talking I am talking about the innermost core.

So I repeat: Krishna is a brahmin. Even if the whole world says he is not, I don’t care a bit. That knowledge is of no significance at all.

“It is surprising,” said the professor to his wife, “how ignorant we all are. Nearly every man is a specialist in his own particular line and in consequence he is as narrow-minded as it is possible to be. He knows nothing of what other men are doing.”

“Yes, dear,” said his wife.

“I, for instance,” he continued, “am ashamed of my failure to keep abreast of modern science. Take electric light, for example. I have not the least idea how it works.”

His wife gave him a patronizing look and smiled, “Why, Herbert, I am ashamed of you too. It is simple. You press a switch, that’s all!”

This wife thinks that by pressing a switch you know all about electricity. That’s all. Simple. And she says she is ashamed of her husband - that he does not even know how electricity works.

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