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Chapter 1: Fly without Wings

I am not trying - I am simply teaching! Why should I try? But I know from where the question comes: you are always trying. People are trying to love, trying to pray, trying to meditate, and because they are trying, they never love. How can you love when you are trying to love? If you are trying to pray, you cannot pray, because your energy will be moving in your trying. When you are trying to meditate, who will meditate? You are involved in the trying.

A Zen master dropped his handkerchief on the floor, and a disciple was there and the master said, “Try to pick it up and give it back to me. Try!”

And the disciple immediately took the handkerchief from the ground and gave it to the master, but the master dropped it again and he said, “I am saying try to get it!”

Six times the master goes on dropping, and the disciple is puzzled as to what he means. Then suddenly the idea struck him: “The master is saying try to get it.” He said, “But how can I try? Either I pick it up or I don’t. How can I try?”

And the master said, “That’s what you have been doing for three years - trying to meditate. Either you meditate or you don’t! How can you try?”

Trying is a device. Trying is a trick. When you don’t want to do a thing, you try. When you want to do a thing, you simply do it!

Your house is on fire - do you try to get out? You simply get out! You don’t try - you don’t consult maps, you don’t look into the scriptures. You don’t think, “From where and how should I get out? Whom to ask? Where to find a master who knows how to get out?” You don’t think whether it is right to jump from the window, whether the book of etiquette allows it or not. Should one go from the front door or from the back door? You may even escape from the toilet! it doesn’t matter - when the house is on fire, these things are immaterial, irrelevant. And you don’t try.you simply get out! In fact, you don’t even think; you will think when you are out. Then you will stand under a tree and you will take a good breath and you will say, “Thank God that I managed to get out!” But in fact you were not even thinking when you were getting out of the house. It was so immediate.

When you come across a snake on the path, what do you do? Do you try to think how to jump, from where, how to escape? You simply jump! That action is total and that action is not of the mind.

Thats what I mean:

Think without mind,
walk without feet,
fly without wings.

Move into the immediacy of life.

I am not trying to teach: I am my teaching. The way I am, the way I look at you, the way I talk to you, the way I say something or I don’t say something - all that is part. It is not that I am separate from my teaching and trying to teach you. I am my teaching. And if you want to learn, you will have to be in tune with me.

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