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Chapter 4: The Guest Waits for Your I to Die

Tit for tat!

Meditate over these beautiful songs of Kabir. They are very precious, more so because Kabir is not a learned man at all.

He says: Masi kagad chhuyo nahin, “I have never touched paper and ink.”

And that is exactly so: he could not write, he could not read. He had no idea of the Vedas and the Koran and the Bible, but what he says contains all the Vedas and all the Korans and all the Bibles. Not knowing a single word of the Upanishads, his poetry contains all of them. He is not a learned man but he is a wise man; not knowledgeable, but he knows. And he has come the hard way.

In fact there is no other way - no cheap way, no shortcut.

If you meditate on him, slowly, slowly a great desire, a flame of longing in your heart will arise, because you will also be able to see that nothing in the world can ever satisfy you except the guest.

Minus God you are a corpse, plus God you are a celebration.

Enough for today.