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Chapter 3: Finding Quality in Life

My Beloved Ones,

First there is a question:

If a seeker finds a ray of light, how should he take care of this experience?

As I said this morning, whatever feelings of joy, of peace, of happiness you experience, they are to be carried inside you continuously, for twenty-four hours a day. How will you do this? There are two ways: one way is to remember and re-create this particular state of consciousness which you have experienced while you were meditating.

For example, during meditation you breathe slowly, so during the day whenever you find the time, when you are not doing anything in particular, slow down your breathing and keep your attention on the spot under the nose where the breath enters. Remembering these feelings, imagine yourself to be feeling happy, joyous, silent and nourished. Bring these feelings back. Whenever you remember - going to bed, waking up, walking on the street, wherever you may be - bring these feelings back. The result will be that many times during the day this remembrance will strike at something inside you. And a time will come when you will not have to make any special effort to remember; it will be with you constantly, just like your breathing.

So first, you have to continuously remember these feelings within yourself, whenever the thought comes to you. For example, while lying in bed remember the state you were in while you were meditating. When you go for a walk, when you see the moonlight in the night, when you sit under a tree and there is no one around, when you are alone in your room, remember the feelings. Traveling on a bus or traveling in a train, sitting alone, close your eyes and remember these feelings. Even during the day when you are busy with your work, even in your office, get up for a few minutes and go to a window, take a few deep breaths and try to remember that state of being.

If you do this even for ten or fifteen times a day, remembering for a minute or two, it will become more and more continuous. Slowly you will find that there is no need to remember - it will remain with you. So this is one way: by carrying whatsoever you experience in meditation in your thoughts and letting it enter into your consciousness.

The second way is what I have already suggested to you, that when you go to bed at night you make your resolution. The way to make your resolution stronger is also a way to make your state of meditation a continuous one. When you have had an experience of meditation, that night when you go to bed, do the same: recall inside whatsoever you have experienced during meditation and the same experience will be with you for twenty-four hours a day.

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