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Chapter 33: Meditation in the Marketplace

Waduda and I are leading a group called ”Meditation in the Marketplace,” which includes teaching people how their minds create their reality. One of the exercises is showing people ways to fulfill their desires. Does showing people how to fulfill their desires bring them to a state of meditation, or does it lead them further away from it?

Wadud, meditation in the marketplace is my whole message, but the sense in which you have understood it is not right.

Firstly, meditation is not something within the mind.

The world is within the mind. Meditation is beyond the mind.

The mind creates the world but the mind cannot create meditation. The mind can create frustration, satisfaction, pleasure, pain, anxiety, anguish or an animal like contentment, the buffalo contentment - but the buffalo is not in meditation. You are right when you say the mind creates its own world; it projects itself upon objects. The same object can be a beloved, a friend, or a foe. You can die for a person; you can kill the same person too. You can desire riches, power, prestige, respectability; you can even desire desirelessness. You can create a world empire, you can be Alexander the Great; or you can renounce the world and can be a recluse in the mountains, in the Himalayas - it is your mind game.

It is true that your world is your mind projected on a screen. But you are going to help people to be satisfied with their desires.

You have asked a very significant question: Is it going to help them towards meditation, or is it going to take them away from meditation?

It is going to take them away from meditation. You are not going to be a friend; you are poisoning people if you help them to be contented with their desires.

A divine discontentment is a basic step towards meditation, not contentment. If a man is contented with his money, with his power, with his respectability, why should he meditate? You have given him the opium, you have drugged him.

This has been done by all the religions down the ages - giving opium to the people, making them contented, teaching them that being contented in the world is spirituality. They consoled people, but consolation is not religion. Religion is revolution. And revolution never comes out of contentment; it comes out of tremendous discontentment.

Just for an example, you can look at the history of India. For ten thousand years it has suffered all kinds of humiliations, slaveries, poverty, sickness; yet there has not been any revolution. Strange! For thousands of years millions of people in India are being treated almost like animals or even worse, but they have not revolted. They have been perfectly content because the religions - Hindus, Buddhists, Jainas - were all teaching one thing: if you are contented in the world, you will be rewarded in the other world a millionfold. To be discontented is unspiritual. If you are poor, accept it as a gift of existence

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