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Chapter 2: Bring the Inner and Outer into Harmony

But my friend the jailer, without asking permission, started giving a few criminals holidays after years of meditation. He was a little hesitant about one criminal who had committed seven murders, but then he remembered, “Don’t judge, just love.” And lovingly, he gave him seven days and told him that if he needed anything he was willing to support him: “Go out and live fully, seven days.”

He was not expecting that the man would be back, and he was expecting that he was going to be in trouble. If the man did not come back then there was bound to be trouble for the jailer. But the man came back after five days. The jailer asked, “Why are you back after five days?”

He said, “I was worried about you, that you must not be sleeping; you must be afraid that I may not come back. It became such a concern to me, your worry, that I thought it was worth dropping two days; better to go back. You have loved me so much; can’t I do only this much for you - coming back to jail two days earlier? It does not matter to me. I am to live here my whole life - two days more. But I was not able to sleep; I was concerned about you. I knew that you would be continuously worried about what would happen, whether I would come back or not. And I could not enjoy, because I was missing the meditation.”

You are not to judge anybody. But you can do something more: you can love. You can help the person to meditate, to become more aware. And perhaps your love and his meditation may bring the change, may bring the transformation. And it will not be imposed from outside - it will be coming from inside, like a flower, and blossoming in the person. And when anything comes from inside and blossoms, it has tremendous beauty.