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Chapter 2: The Thread of Meditation

My commune is in meditation twenty-four hours a day; whatever you are doing, or not doing, is immaterial. Just be loving, be alert, do it with joy. Whatever you are doing, do it as if this is the greatest thing in the world at this juncture of time. It may be just cutting the grass, watering the road; it may be anything. Washing the floor, do it as if the whole existence depends on what you are doing, it is indispensable; without it, the whole universe will collapse.

When you do anything with such intensity, with such love, with such respect, as if without it the whole universe will collapse, then there is no need to have a separate time for meditation. And those who are doing meditations as separate from life are simply deceiving themselves and nobody else.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi teaches his people, “Do transcendental meditation ten minutes in the morning, ten minutes in the evening, and that’s enough.” And what is his transcendental meditation? Just repeat any stupid name.go on repeating “Rama, Rama, Rama” - that is a Hindu name - or, “Ave Maria, Ave Maria, Ave Maria.” Any name, in fact your own name will do - just go on repeating it. Repeat it as fast as possible because that’s the whole secret of the technique.

If for ten minutes you go on repeating a single word fast enough continuously, you autohypnotize yourself. After just four or five minutes you start falling into a deliberate kind of sleep which is called hypnosis. Yes, after ten minutes you will feel good, you will feel fresh, you will feel relaxed. So nothing is wrong with it - but it is not meditation. It is just a way of resting, having a good nap.

You can do it, but remember, it has nothing to do with meditation. It is perfectly good, healthy, psychologically and physically relaxing, but that’s all it is. It has nothing to do with transcendence; it is not transcendental at all. It is not going to take you into your innermost being, it is not going to take you into some higher state of consciousness; it is not going to take you anywhere. After ten minutes you will be back where you were. You will remain the same person. You will not be transformed by it.

And unless something transforms you it is not meditation: something that makes you a new being, a new man, a new consciousness; which knows no fear, which knows no greed, which knows no hate; which knows nothing of those dark emotions, sentiments - ugly, sick, nauseating..a new consciousness, which knows only that which uplifts you, that which goes on uplifting you - there is no end to it.

Meditation brings you to a state where you are above the stars, bigger than the whole universe. That experience is what I call transformation, illumination, enlightenment.

So don’t be worried that there are not separate times for you to meditate. It is not an oversight, it is done with full consideration. I don’t want to give you the impression that meditation can be done separately from your life and its work.