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Chapter 7: The Essence Is at Ease

So I cannot declare that I am the messiah. And I am. But I cannot declare it because I would not like to destroy that beautiful device. It has immense value, it is worth preserving. But I am not coming from anywhere, neither are you coming from anywhere. And I am not going anywhere, neither are you going anywhere. We have always been here, we will always be here.

And this is just a game that we have decided to play: I am the master and you are the disciple, just a game, a play. You have to follow the rules of the disciple and I have to follow the rules of the master, but it is a game of cards, playing cards. Be non-serious. Be playful.

And not only am I the messiah, you are too, because the messiah is nothing but the awakening in you. It is a quality in you, and that quality redeems. Nothing else, nobody else can redeem you from the outside. That quality, that awareness, that turiya, the fourth, when it takes possession of you, it redeems. It is the salvation.

Walking is Zen, sitting is Zen;
Talking or silent, moving, unmoving, -
The essence is at ease.

And when you have understood the fourth, when you have gone into the fourth, then walking is Zen, then you need not practice any kind of meditation. Then all that you do is meditation; then walking is meditation, then sitting is meditation. Meditation is a quality of being that you bring to the act. It is not a particular act, it is not that you do this then it is meditation - that you sit in a certain posture, siddhasana, and you keep your spine erect, and you keep your eyes closed or you look at the tip of your nose or you watch your breath, then it is meditation - no, these are just devices for the beginners.

Just the other day Vidya wrote me a beautiful letter. She said she tried meditation one day and had a great migraine and half her body became paralyzed. That cured her of meditation. I liked it. I would like all of you to be cured of meditation; it has to happen to everybody. One has not only to be cured of diseases, one has to be cured of medicines too; otherwise, sometimes medicines become more dangerous than the diseases themselves - one can become obsessed with the medicine.

Do you know that the words meditation and medicine come from the same root? Meditation is a kind of medicine; its use is only for the time being. Once you have learned the quality, then you need not do any particular meditation, then the meditation has to spread all over your life. Only when you are meditative twenty-four hours a day then can you attain, then you have attained. Even sleeping is meditation.

Walking is Zen, sitting is Zen.