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Chapter 9: Enlightenment Is None of Your Business

It is a very unreasonable, almost insane world in which you are living. If you can manage just to meditate, you have done more than is expected of the contemporary man. And your meditation is going good. Just go on saying, “Good Lord!” In meditation there never comes any cliff. You don’t have to remember “Amen” - there is no need.

Meditation slowly, slowly turns into your enlightenment. You suddenly become aware one day, Where is that darkness? where is that continuous rush of thoughts? where has the mind gone? Suddenly you are absolutely as hollow as a bamboo; but your hollowness is not empty - it is full of joy and full of rejoicing. You will dance for no reason at all, you will sing for no reason at all, songs that you have not composed, dances that you have not learned. They are just bubbling spontaneously in your consciousness.

That is enlightenment, but don’t make it a goal.

Meditation is enough.

Everything else follows on its own.

When you were talking about sex and meditation the other evening I got mixed up. So often before I have heard you say: “Let your sex be your meditation.” Also, how do your latest suggestions fit into the Tantra vision?
Please comment, Osho, I am puzzled.

When I said, “Let sex be your meditation,” did you do it? When I was talking about Tantra vision, what did you do about it?

It seems my work is talking and your work is listening, and then finding out contradictions - what I said yesterday, what I said the day before yesterday..

You get puzzled because you don’t do anything. If you had done sex as your meditation, the question about sex and meditation as two interests would not have arisen. Now the question has arisen that you have two interests. That means my first statement has not been heard. And I am not a person to remember what I have said yesterday; I don’t know even what I have said today - otherwise I will be in the same boat as you are, puzzled!

I go on making as many contradictions as possible without any puzzlement. It doesn’t matter. I must have said to somebody, “Let sex be your meditation.” His question must have been different, the person must have been different. It would have been possible for him to make sex his meditation.

But the person who has asked, “I have only two interests in life - sex and meditation,” cannot deceive me, whoever he is. I may not know him, but his question gives me absolute perception of his innermost being. His only interest is sex. Meditation he is putting in just to make the question look religious.

I cannot say to this person, “Let sex be your meditation.” I can say to this person, “Let meditation be your sex” - and that’s what I have said. First get finished with sex, have it as much as you want - because meditation can be done even when you will not be able to go into sex.

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