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Chapter 6: What Is Found in Meditation

Thus, through meditation, the sage will experience that which is beyond thinking, beyond manifestation, and which has infinite forms; which is benediction; which is not-two; which is the source of the ultimate reality; which has no beginning, no middle, no end; which is incomparable and all-pervading; which is consciousness and the seat of bliss; which has no form. It is the awesome.

The doors to meditation.. The doors to meditation in the dimension where thoughts cannot enter, where thinking has no access, where logic and reasoning have no existence and where only experiencing remains.. These sutras point towards what is found in meditation. It is essential to understand each word of these sutras very, very deeply.

The first thing is achintya,

.that which is beyond thinking.

This is about the state where there can be no thinking, where there can be no contemplation, where the intellect becomes impotent. And meditation is the door to this experience.

What can you think about? Thinking is possible only about what you know. You may not have thought about it - that whatsoever you can think, you know beforehand. You cannot think about the unknown. How will you think about it? How can you think about what is not known to you? Thinking is like chewing the cud. Many animals chew the cud, they again chew what they have already chewed.

Thinking is like chewing the cud: first you already have the thought, the idea, and then you chew on it - but it is only then that you can think about it. You simply cannot think about the unknown. How can you think about the unknown? Thinking is not possible about what you have not known. And the ultimate reality of life is unknown, the ultimate mystery of life is unknown; it is not possible to think about it. But the unknown can become known, and then you can think about it.

One more thing needs to be understood here: the ultimate mystery of life is not only unknown - it is not right just to call it unknown - it is unknowable. It is not only unknown, it is unknowable, because if we call it unknown.. What is behind this mountain is unknown: if somebody goes behind it and comes back and reports to you, it will then be known. But even if someone realizes the brahman, the ultimate reality, and then tells you about it, it will still not become the known. The information is so tiny, so limited, that one is unable to say anything about that mystery. All that has been said about it until now just shows man’s helplessness to express it. Hence, a man like Gautam Buddha stopped saying anything at all about it.

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