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Chapter 22: The Transparency of Children

You are no longer an outsider. It is a great change. You become an insider, part of my family. And the whole energy of other sannyasins will be totally different, and things will happen faster. Otherwise you remain an outsider, a visitor, and a subtle barrier continues to exist. Even in the groups it will be there; in meditations it will be there. Nobody wants it to be there, but it is natural.

So once you are in orange and a sannyasin, things change, things move faster. The very gesture of taking sannyas breaks something in you.something melts. It is a gesture of trust. You trust me more and I can work deeper and easily.

So I think take the jump.

There is something inside me which tells me not to.

Then listen to your inside - but it is the same inside which is creating the block. But then, listen to it. Whenever you feel, you can come, but then I will decide whether I will give it to you or not, remember that. Because if something inside me [a chuckle] says no.mm?

Wait, we will see.


I’m still hoping my man will come to visit me from Germany, but it has been many months now since he said he would come..

Why not find a sannyasin here?

It will be better. It will not be the same - that I know - but my sannyasins are better people, always! Make a try. There is nothing to worry about.so many people, such a great world - why go on clinging to one person?

Always be true to love.don’t be worried too much about persons.


Earlier today a sannyasin had received a message from Osho to return to England to run the country meditation center, but he doesn’t want to go.

Why me?

Somebody has to go there because the country center is really a lovely place. Have you seen the pictures? Somebody has to be there and take charge. More and more people will be coming for groups and camps and everything, so it will be an ashram. Someone has to be there permanently, and I was thinking you would be perfectly good there.

If you don’t want to go there is no point, because if you don’t want to it will not be good. Then I will find somebody else.

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