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Chapter 15: Keep the Doors Open

But remember that not only the child is helpless, you are too. Once you understand your own helplessness, acceptance will follow as a shadow. What can you do? You are also helpless. I am not saying become hard like a stone. Feel it, but know that you are helpless. The world is vast and man is helpless. At the most we can feel compassion. And even if we do something, there is no certainty that our doing is going to help - it may cause even more misery.

So I am not saying to lose your compassion. Only lose your judgment that this is wrong. And drop the idea that you have to do something about it, because once the doer comes in, the witness is lost. Compassion is good, helplessness is good. Cry, there is nothing wrong in it. Let tears come, but allow them knowing that you are also helpless; that is why you are crying. The very idea that we can make any change is very egoistic, and that ego goes on disturbing. So drop that ego and just watch. It has been beautiful, mm?


My mind is very very active all the time, whether I’m working or meditating, and I suffer from sleeplessness too.

I understand the difficulty, but constant thinking is so deep-rooted, it is such a long habit of many lives, that it needs hard work to drop it. It is not impossible to drop it - it drops, but work is needed. In India we have the wrong notion that some miracle will happen and it will stop. It will not stop that way - it will take years of work.

So come for one camp and do all the five meditations we do here. In those five meditations you can tell me how you are feeling. I can feel what type of energy you have and what type of method is going to suit you. There are one hundred and twelve methods, so the basic problem is to find the right method. That is possible only if you come here, do meditations and start feeling.. If in some meditation you feel that even for a few moments thoughts stop, then that meditation will suit you.

These five meditations are general meditations. There are five types of people, so out of these five, one is going to fit you. Once that one fits I can think about better methods on the same line that will be helpful to you.