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Chapter 11: Free and Alive

I know there are a few profits in the homosexual stage, and the greatest is that because you are not opposites, the conflict is not so much - hence homosexuals are gay. Heterosexuals are always fighting because of that oppositeness - so that fight is worth it.

And in that tension, some harmony is possible which is not possible in homosexuality because there is no tension. In masturbation there is no problem, not at all. It is the least problematic because there is no other. In homosexuality there is a little problem, and in heterosexuality, much. People become afraid of the problems, and that’s what’s happening in the West.

Many people have become afraid of the man-woman relationship. It has become so ugly, with conflict, possessiveness, this and that - it is better to settle for less, and avoid this conflict.

But when you avoid conflict, you avoid some beautiful things too which were possible in it, and only in it. So think about it!


I have come to India now because I want to make a pilgrimage of gratitude for the spiritual gifts which I have received for twenty or thirty years from Indian saints - from Ramkrishna, Vivekananda and so on. I feel so grateful and I have so much gratitude - it becomes love and happiness. Only in the past month have I read your books, and it seems in my heart that I recognize many things before I know them. Now here I try to do the meditations. I used to always do it alone and in silence, so in these groups I feel a little bit bad because I don’t know.I would like to ask if they are the only way or.

Silent meditation is as good too, but it is my understanding that if you can do a few of these meditations and then you do silent meditation, it will go very very deep.

You have been doing silent meditation for so long, so for a few days do these meditations. It will be difficult because you have been doing meditation silently, and these are just the opposite. Do these for a few days, and then again do the silent one, and you will see what has happened. Your silent meditation will go deeper than it has ever gone before - because these are cathartic methods.

In the old meditations you simply sit silently doing nothing, just trying to watch, not even thinking. That’s good, but whatsoever you have accumulated remains in the substratum; it remains like a barrier inside. These methods are to throw out all that is accumulated there, and for many lives we have been accumulating. That has to be thrown out.

It is as if your house has not been cleaned for years and much dust has settled. If you sit in a corner the dust is settled and everything looks okay. But if you start cleaning the house much dirt will arise, and you will feel the difference very much. It was better to sit silently!