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Chapter 10: The Door Opens

How can you drop it? If these moments come on their own, how can you drop them? And when I say all meditations have to be dropped, I mean all meditations that you do. I am not talking about those meditations that happen, they are gifts from existence; receive them with great joy, celebration, receive them into your heart. You cannot stop them, and there is no need either. When I say drop all meditations, I mean the meditations that you have been doing on your own.

They have to be done in the beginning otherwise you will never be able to drop them. The effort has to be made so that it can be dropped. But the real beauty is in dropping. But you can drop only if you have been doing it, remember it.

There may be a few new people who have not done meditations, and they may feel very good, they will say, “Okay, so why do them? There is no need to if one has to drop.” No, you can drop only if you do. Only a rich man can distribute his riches, can renounce his riches, the poor man cannot do it. First you have to have, only then can you drop. So I am not saying don’t start meditation. When one starts meditation one has to be a doer; in the beginning, meditation is a kind of effort. But that has to be so, in the beginning you cannot expect more.

But don’t be caught in that. There is another quality of meditation - prepare for that. Slowly, slowly doing meditation, a few moments will come which are not of your doing. Then shift from doing to those moments which are not of your doing. Slowly, slowly go on dropping the effort, and let the effortless spontaneity arise in you.

And that’s what is happening. You need not drop anything.

You say: “These blissful moments come and go on their own, I have no control over them.” That’s how it should be. If you have control over them, then they cannot be very beautiful and they cannot be divine. Your control means the ego control. And if you control, they will be smaller than you; when they are beyond your control, they are bigger than you. They come - suddenly are there - they overwhelm you; for a moment you are not part of this world. You walk on the earth, and yet your feet don’t touch the earth. For a moment you are transported to another reality, a separate reality, a timeless reality, a spaceless space. These moments have to be cherished, allowed, welcomed. With great reverence open yourself up for these moments. This is the way godliness comes.

And the really, really last question: