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Chapter 9: You Need a Little Laughter

We are going back to England and we want to start a meditation center. Should we approach the local mental hospital to introduce the meditations to the patients?

Yes, you can help them to do some dynamic types of meditations. That will help very much because mad people need nothing else but catharsis. It is the only treatment, and it is because people have been so suppressed that they are in such a bad space. If everything is allowed, if they are allowed to be mad, then madness will disappear.

The whole world is mad because nobody is allowed to be mad. We must make it a point that everyone has a certain space reserved where he can simply be mad, where there is no need to be worried about anybody else. If a person can be mad each day for half an hour, then for the remaining twenty-three and a half hours he will experience only tremendous sanity.

Madness is also part of humanity; it is a deep balance. When you become too serious you need a little laughter to bring you down to earth. When you become too tense you need something to help you to relax. In fact, there are many socially accepted ways in which we allow people to be mad.

For example, in a football match or a volleyball match the spectators almost go mad. But it is accepted, and they feel very relaxed. Even watching it on TV they go mad - they jump and become very excited. But it is an accepted thing.

If somebody from Mars is watching for the first time, he would not be able to believe what is happening, because there seems to be no need to be so excited. Just a few people throwing a ball from here to there, and others are returning it - and millions of people are so excited! They don’t know that this is a socially accepted avenue of release, a device. And each country has its own, creates its own device.

War is also a device that is needed continually so that people can go mad, can hate and destroy. And they can hate and destroy for a great cause, so there is no condemnation. So you destroy and you feel good, you feel happy, and there is no guilt - and you are simply becoming mad. War will continue until and unless we allow everybody a certain amount of madness to enjoy.

So you go and do the meditations and let the mad people watch. They will enjoy it tremendously, and they will say that there is not much difference between us and you! Then they will participate and you will be able to help them.

A madman doesn’t need a doctor, he needs a friend. A doctor is too impersonal, too far away, too technical. And a doctor always looks at a madman as if he is an object to be treated. In his very look there is condemnation: something is wrong and has to be put right. A madman needs someone who loves, who cares and is friendly; someone who does not make him an objective thing, and accepts his individuality. And not only that, but also accepts his madness because he accepts deep down that each man has a sane part and an insane part.

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