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Chapter 6: Mind Thinks, Meditation Knows

Why can a man not become meditative? How can a movement for meditation be created?

Meditation is a danger, it is a risk. It is a danger to all the vested interests, and it is a risk to the mind.

Mind and meditation cannot coexist. There is no question of having both of them. Either you can have mind or you can have meditation, because mind is thinking and meditation is silence.

Mind is groping in the dark for the door.

Meditation is seeing. There is no question of groping, it knows the door.

Mind thinks. Meditation knows. This is a very fundamental reason why man cannot become meditative - or why very few men have dared to become meditative. Our training is of the mind. Our education is for the mind. Our ambitions, our desires, can only be fulfilled by the mind. You can become president of a country, prime minister, not by being meditative but by cultivating a very cunning mind. The whole education is geared by your parents, by your society, so that you can fulfill your desires, your ambitions. You want to become somebody.

Meditation can only make you a nobody. Who wants to become a nobody? Everybody wants to go on higher on the ladder of ambitions. People sacrifice their whole life to become somebody.

Alexander was coming to India. A madness had entered in his mind: he wanted to conquer the whole world. Everybody has a little bit of that kind of madness, but he had the whole chunk. And while he was coming towards India, passing the boundaries of Greece, somebody said to him, “You have been asking many times about a mystic, a very strange man, Diogenes. He lives nearby. If you want to see him, it is a few minutes’ walk, just by the side of the river.”

Diogenes was certainly a very strange kind of man. In fact if you are a man you are going to be a strange kind of man, because you are going to be something unique. He lived naked.he was one of the most beautiful men possible. But he always used to have a lighted lamp in his hand - day or night, it made no difference. Even in the day, in the full light of the sun, he was holding his lamp while walking on the streets. People used to laugh at him, and used to ask him, “Why are you carrying this lamp, unnecessarily wasting the oil and becoming a laughingstock?”

And Diogenes used to say, “I have to keep it, because I am looking for the authentic, real man. I have not yet come across him. I come across people but they are all wearing masks, they are all hypocrites.”

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