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Chapter 2: The Who behind All Who’s

So don’t be worried. If I have to know everybody personally I will have to carry a big book, who is who. And then too it will be very difficult to find out.

The more and more you become meditators, your differences start disappearing, you become more and more alike. Your faces, your eyes, your climate, become more and more similar.

The moment you come close to the abyss to take the ultimate jump, you are no longer a separate entity. You are one with the whole. I have to persuade your essence to take the jump; and that’s what I am doing. You need not be worried, you need not become concerned.

Yes, you would like to be known by your personal name, you would like to be recognized. That is nothing but a deep, deep ego desire. And that’s what I want to shatter completely. So even if I know you, I pretend not to know you.

The third question:

How can one drop an obsession? Or is it not to be dropped at all, but enjoyed?

An obsession simply means a wound in your being, which keeps attracting you again and again, which goes on declaring itself, which wants your attention. You cannot drop it. How can you drop your wound? An obsession is a psychic wound, you cannot drop it. Understand it. Watch it. Pay attention to it. Be meditatively with it. And the more you are meditatively with it, the more it will be healed.

Meditation is a healing force. The words meditation and medicine are derived from the same root; they both mean healing forces. Meditation is medicine - medicine for the soul.

So if you have an obsession, don’t call names. The moment you call it an obsession you have already started condemning it. And if you condemn something you cannot watch it - you are prejudiced against it. How can you watch the enemy? No need to condemn; whatsoever is the case is the case. Just by condemning it you can’t change it; by condemning it you can only repress it. You can avoid seeing it, but the wound will continue; it will become cancerous, it will go on growing inside.

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