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Chapter 5: He Is the Moon

Paul was riding his bicycle on a blistering hot summer day. But the heat and fatigue had finally so gotten to him that he stopped and sat down beside the road. Minutes later, a small Mercedes pulled up.

“Anything wrong?” asked the man behind the wheel.

“No, sir, I’m on my way to town,” replied the black boy. “I’m just plumb tuckered out.”

“As you can see I don’t have enough room for you and your bicycle,” said the occupant of the Mercedes. “But if you tie your bike to my rear bumper you can sit on it and I will tow you.”

In a few moments the car, pulling the black boy on his bicycle, headed down the highway. At the first stop-light a Jaguar pulled alongside. “Hey,” said the man inside, “wanna race?”

“You got it!” was the reply.

They were soon racing at over one hundred and twenty miles an hour, the Mercedes driver having completely forgotten about the black boy behind him on the bike.

Both cars were up to one hundred and forty when they passed a squad car. The bewildered police officer quickly picked up his radio mike. “Hey, Sarge, you ain’t gonna believe this!” he shouted. “A Jaguar’s racing a Mercedes all hell bent for leather, and there’s some white kid keeping up with them on a bicycle!”

Listen to these beautiful sutras very consciously, meditatively, in tremendous reverence, in deep trust, because Buddha is revealing the greatest secrets of life.

Desiring nothing, doubting nothing,
beyond judgment and sorrow
and the pleasures of the senses,
he has moved beyond time.
He is pure and free.

Go slowly - each word is significant. Desiring nothing, doubting nothing.. You have been told by the priests down the ages, “Don’t doubt, drop doubting.” But why in the first place do you doubt? You doubt because you desire. Buddha is bringing the very root of the problem to your consciousness. If a man desires nothing he has no need to doubt anything at all; it is desire that brings doubt in its wake.

This is something very special, nobody has said it so clearly. In fact, nobody had said it before Buddha. If you desire you cannot get rid of doubt because desire brings belief and belief brings doubt. And what your priests are doing is simply ridiculous. They insist that you should believe and you should not doubt. They are putting you in a difficult situation which is impossible to maintain. If you believe, you are bound to doubt; all believers are doubters. This is the great insight of Buddha: no believer can ever get rid of doubt.

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