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Chapter 11: It Is Pure Light.Pure Delight

For a few others the pushing may disappear if it is not part of their nature - if they are imitating somebody else, if they are competing with somebody else and because everybody else is pushing, they are pushing. It may stop, understanding that things are happening and you need not unnecessarily bother about them. You can enjoy silently the way things are happening. You can contribute without any anxiety anything that comes naturally to you; but not beyond that.

So each individual will have different things happening out of the same understanding. If pushing is your nature, then there is nothing wrong in it. Enjoy it, push as much as you can - but with a song and with a dance, and without being worried that you are pushing. This is you. This is your grass, and it grows this way. There are grasses and grasses.

Just one thing has to be remembered, that anything that you are doing is joyfully done, rejoicingly done - that’s enough. Different people will be doing different things, and the world needs that different people should do different things. It is the richness of the world that all are not alike and should not be alike. But on one point they should meet; and that is the cosmic center of being relaxed.

In Japan they have developed strange things for meditative purposes.Japan has done a tremendous service to humanity. Meditation was developed in India, but it remained a very limited phenomenon - just sitting in a lotus posture witnessing your thoughts, becoming silent. It did the work, but Japan tried different dimensions, strange dimensions: swordsmanship, but with meditation. Two swordsmen bent upon killing each other have to remain centered in themselves without tension, without fear, without anger, without revenge, just playful.

To the observer it is a question of life and death, but to those two meditators it is playfulness. And a strange thing has been observed again and again: if both the meditators are of the same depth in meditation, nobody wins, nobody is killed. Even before one person raises the sword to hit the other person at a certain point - even before he has done that - just that idea of his has reached to the other, and his sword is ready to protect him.

It is impossible to declare who is the winner. Ordinarily it is difficult to think of swordsmanship and meditation, aikido and meditation, jujitsu and meditation, wrestling and meditation. But in Japan they have tried every dimension possible, and they have found that it doesn’t matter what you are doing; what matters is, are you centered?

If you are centered then you can do anything and it will not create any tension; your relaxation will remain the same.

So don’t be worried about pushing. Just try to understand that we are so small compared to this immense universe; what we do or don’t do makes no difference to existence. We are not to be serious about it. I was not here and existence continued; I will not be here, and existence will continue. I should not take myself seriously.

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